BOSS Compact Pedal 3D

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Its easy to take for granted just how genius BOSS pedals are. We see them all of the time, used and new, stage or bedroom and we knowhow to piece a whole group of them together. Consider this though: No matter what the effect, they’re all the same shape. For some perspective, think about how many iterations the iPod has seen as the technology has evolved,¬†yet these guys have stuck to their design guns since ’76. They’re reliable, have a small footprint & are simple (knobs over digital parameters for settings, please).

Almost anywhere you go- from that bedroom in Signapore to Steve Lukather’s pedal board, you’re going to find the exact same product. Although the voice walk-through is a bit “Coming attraction movie-like”, check out this video BOSS created to show what goes into a stompbox. Pretty neat. *For the inspired, here’s every available BOSS pedal

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