Presenting “A Little Thunder” – Add Bass to your Guitar co-founder, Andy Alt, has launched his patented, electric guitar pickup called “A Little Thunder” – a humbucker that adds a dedicated bass signal to your guitar. No routing, drilling, 9V battery, MIDI or extra strings are required to achieve a deep bass notes coming from the...
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Sharon Isbin “Troubadour”

    Acclaimed for her extraordinary lyricism, technique, and versatility, Sharon Isbin is one of the finest classical guitarists in the world. Here is her latest with “Troubadour.” GuitarTV had the pleasure of interviewing Sharon at Juilliard School of Music in New York City where she is faculty, founder and chair of guitar...
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New Pedal Design? FLEXeFX Kickstarter Project

    Ever wish you could change the settings on your guitar pedals without needing to bend over or use your hands? Check out this very cool project for FLEXeFX! They need $60k, currently at $18k with 7 days left. According to William Gadol, President of FLEXeFX, “We...
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NAMM Coverage

  We are swarming the floors at NAMM right now & witnessing some amazing new gear! In addition to our How to Hack NAMM: Top 10 Survival Tips for 2013, you can now follow us on Instagram for live up-to-the minute photos and video snippets: Instagram Facebook Twitter   and...
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How to Hack NAMM 2013 – Our “Top 10 Tips” Survival Guide

  The eve of Winter NAMM 2013 is upon us & we’re incredibly excited to report to you while we immerse ourselves in new musical instruments, chat with artists, see friends and join the culture that is The NAMM Show. Since this is not our first trek to the...
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GuitarTV Presents: BOSS “Loop Station World Championship 3” Live Event @ Musicians Institute

    Last year over 30,000 people watched the BOSS LSWC 2 US Finals! This year, we’re back and the talent is UNBELIEVABLE! Watch these looping champions as they qualify for the World Champ title in front of a panel of distinguished judges (Billy Morrison, Lisa Harrington, Gary Lenaire &...
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What’s on your Pedalboard? (Pete Thorn’s)

    Our friend Pete Thorn had a sweet new pedal board made for him and here’s a comprehensive walk-through of the various pedals and their applications. What’s on your pedal board?? Tell us in the comments below!
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Loud9 Mobile App

    GuitarTV is pleased to announce a great new, forward thinking mobile app as a sponsor this month. This app is going to spread your music both locally and worldwide. Read about their service below and don’t forget to Show them some love by visiting their site… Loud 9 is...
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“The Wrecking Crew”

    The son of legendary studio session guitarist Tommy Tedesco, created a documentary called “The Wrecking Crew.” Denny Tedesco gives us a glimpse into the lives of incredible session musicians who were hired to play behind (or instead of) famous pop acts in the 1960’s-1980’s. Sounds really cool…...
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Seymour Duncan Performance @ MIT Event

    GuitarTV attended a music + entrepreneur collective lecture series last night in Santa Barbara and was floored by Seymour Duncan’s burning guitar playing. Yes, we know Seymour’s name most commonly as a leading pickup manufacturer but its very apparent he is an artist through-and-through. He was on...
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