GuitarTV Presents: Sharon Isbin Interview

    GuitarTV traveled to New York City to interview the best classical guitarist we have ever heard. Head of The Juilliard School Guitar Department, international sensation, former student of Andres Segovia, – we are talking about the one-and-only Sharon Isbin. This in-depth 40 minutes interview with Sharon showcases...
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Jim Marshall 1923-2012

    Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amplification has passed away at the age of 88. We have been told that if you were just mulling around London, and you spotted him walking out of his door, he would show you around his factory & talk for hours on...
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Ben Levin: Berklee Grad Gone Wild

    In August of 2010, ten very talented Guitar Center video contestants were selected to attend a “Private Sessions” taping with Steve Vai for a promotion they were having. Among them was a very funny young man by the name of Ben Levin. Ben, then a senior at...
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BOSS Compact Pedal 3D

    Its easy to take for granted just how genius BOSS pedals are. We see them all of the time, used and new, stage or bedroom and we knowhow to piece a whole group of them together. Consider this though: No matter what the effect, they’re all the...
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He’s Big Bob and he sells Marshalls.

    Chris Farley + Marshall Amplifier Salesman= Big Bob. Yes, he’s Big Bob, he sells Marshall Amplifiers & we love this guy… Enjoy! For the inspired, All current 144 Marshall Models on MusiciansFriend
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Pinecone Fletcher Interview

    Homeless (by choice) most of his life and moving town to town illegally hopping freight train cars, Pinecone Fletcher has honed his craft busking the street corners of America for nearly two decades. Singing songs of travel and his fellow hobos, Pinecone has entertained countless numbers with...
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    For sale: Steve Vai’s Marshall 100 watt 4 input JMP & matching “white face” 4×12 cabinets used on David Lee Roth’s “Eat Em and Smile” record and the 1986-1988 David Lee Roth tour (Official auction)   The 100 watt Marshall JMP was given to Ted Templeman...
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GuitarTV Presents: “Periodic Table of Guitarists”

    Introducing the “Periodic Table of Guitarists” — a complete look into the life of every iconic guitarist who appears on GuitarTV!! Just click on artist to get started and read the artist’s bio, download MP3s, check out their signature guitar, amplifier, effects pedals, latest news, concert schedule...
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Matt Warnock Guest Post: Exploring New Rhythms in Guitar Playing & eBook Giveaway

    Matt Warnock, author for Guitar International Magazine, jazz guitar publisher & educator has released a new ebook called “Modern Time: Rhythmic Fundamentals for the Improvising Musician” and is GuitarTV’s first guest author. Check out these concepts & 3 lucky winners who comment below will receive Matt’s new...
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Jason Becker “Not Dead Yet” Film Premiere

    GuitarTV attended Jason Becker’s “Not Dead Yet” film premiere last night in San Francisco and it was absolutely amazing. We got a very deep sense of how incredible Jason’s life is and how immensely talented he is on all fronts. Jason was at the premiere and did...
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