New Pedal Design? FLEXeFX Kickstarter Project

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Ever wish you could change the settings on your guitar pedals without needing to bend over or use your hands? Check out this very cool project for FLEXeFX! They need $60k, currently at $18k with 7 days left.

According to William Gadol, President of FLEXeFX, “We live in the Golden Age of guitar pedals with nearly 600 new guitar pedal companies launching products in the past two years. However, none of them address the fundamental short comings that plague common pedal design: the inability to change their sound on the fly with their feet, and FLEXeFX pedals solve that problem.” FLEXeFX pedals allow players real-time, dynamic control over the parameters of their guitar pedal tones, which allows for greater expression and artistic creativity. The pedal revolution is here.


New Pedal Design? FLEXeFX Kickstarter Project, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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