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When you’re driving and you’re “lost” -wouldn’t a guitar store filled with intensely beautiful musical instrument candies be the most ideal place to ask for directions while talking shop with the guys behind the counter and playing their guitars? We’d like to bring you the same experience in your daily commute around the Internet.

Emails, work, school, grabbing lunch, waiting for the bus- whatever you’re up to on this Thursday afternoon,


We all REALLY need THE GUITAR in our lives when we’re away from our beloved instruments.


This is why we’re creating news that has value to you as a musician & aficionado of the guitar. We scour the internet for guitar related news, happenings, announcements and incredible performances to allow you & the GuitarTV staff to share what you love with the community.

So please join us and bookmark this page GuitarTV NEWS and don’t forget to REGISTER in order to interact with articles, rate videos, share your website, videos & more.

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