Pinecone Fletcher Interview

Artist: Pinecone Fletcher
Release Date: March, 20, 2012
Genre(s): Blues, Slide
Manufacturer(s): Pinecone/Hobo King
Gear: Hobo King Guitar
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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Homeless (by choice) most of his life and moving town to town illegally hopping freight train cars, Pinecone Fletcher has honed his craft busking the street corners of America for nearly two decades. Singing songs of travel and his fellow hobos, Pinecone has entertained countless numbers with his brand of “Hobo” Blues.

From the legendary Honeyboy Edwards to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pete Anderson and Baby Gramps, Donnie Sumner, Warran Haynes and Derek Trucks, Pinecone Fletcher has performed with some of the most respected and influential musicians in American music.

In 2010, Pinecone was selected as a top finalist in Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” contest. When the day of the final performance arrived, judges stipulated that Pinecone’s 3-stringed “hobo king” guitar was not elligible because it didn’t have the mandated 6 strings. Well, Pinecone taped 3 strings to the front of his guitar and went right on stage…

Check out Pinecone talking about his special brand of guitars, “Hobo King,” download his only publically available album here, Produced by Brad Morrison (Phish) and visit his website for more info. Special thanks to audio engineer Joe Vezzetti & Amalia Moreno at Favored Nations for this interview.

Pinecone Fletcher's Album- "Hoboin"



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